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Canada’s Accessibility Experts

About Us

At CNIB Frontier Accessibility, we value the importance of sharing knowledge, expertise and lived experience when it comes to accessibility. As part of the CNIB Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 1918, we have the unique knowledge and experience to assist you in achieving your accessibility goals.

In 2019, after celebrating its hundredth anniversary, CNIB Foundation acquired CNIB Frontier Accessibility (then called Frontier Computing) to strengthen its business-to-business relationships, with the goal of making Canada as accessible and inclusive as possible.

One hundred per cent of the revenue raised by CNIB Frontier Accessibility goes towards funding the CNIB Foundation and its charitable mission to provide innovative programs and powerful advocacy that enable Canadians impacted by blindness to live the lives they choose. For this reason, we actively partner with many other pioneering organizations both in Canada and worldwide, including Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada, the Royal National Institute for the Blind, the American Printing House for the Blind and Vision Australia.

Meet the Team

avatar for Shane Silver

Shane Silver, Vice President

Shane is an energetic, idea-oriented executive dedicated to developing accessible solutions and partnerships that drive inclusion for all Canadians. As CNIB's Vice President of Social Enterprise and Partnerships,he provides both strategy and leadership to CNIB Frontier Accessibility.

avatar for Suzanne-Decary van den Broek

Suzanne-Decary van den Broek, Executive Lead, Frontier Accessibility (Education) at CNIB

Suzanne has 16+ years of experience in Vision Rehabilitation. A Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (CVRT), Suzanne started her career at CNIB as a Vision Rehabilitation Specialist. As Executive Lead for CNIB Frontier Accessibility (Education), Suzanne is working with educators and community service providers to create a seamless journey for students with sight loss, and their families, to navigate as they move through life’s transitions.

avatar for David Demers

David Demers, Executive Lead Frontier Accessibility, Executive Director CNIB Quebec

Prior to experiencing sudden sight loss in 2010, David was an entrepreneur for over 10 years who owned and managed businesses in commercial photography, e-commerce, tech and hospitality. David joined the CNIB leadership team as Executive Director of the Quebec division in 2017. His entrepreneurial background and passion for making the world accessible to all has driven him to be part of the CNIB Frontier Accessibility social enterprise as Executive Lead, Business-to-Business.

avatar for Andrea Voss

Andrea Voss, Sales Manager

Andrea is an expert in assistive devices and technology who has spent nearly 20 years helping students who are blind or partially sighted meet their education goals. She is CNIB Frontier Accessibility's overall educational lead and manages our support for English-speaking students in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

avatar for Bram Caron

Bram Caron, Sales Manager

Bram is an experienced teacher and accessible technology consultant who holds a bachelor of education degree from McGill University focused on special needs. Fluent in French and English, Bram provides expertise on accessibility in business and educational settings for Quebec and Eastern Ontario, as well as providing nationwide coverage for francophone schools.

avatar for Julia Lewis

Julia Lewis, Commercial Accessibility Lead

Julia is a practiced senior leader with a proven track record of building and executing strategies, and delivering results. She brings her own lived experience to the table when creating tailored accessibility solutions to businesses in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

avatar for Monica Enica

Monica Enica, Sales Manager

Monica is a skilled professional with in-depth knowledge of assistive products and solutions. She brings nearly 20 years of experience at CNIB to her role helping businesses and educators make their organizations accessible for people living with sight loss.

avatar for David Greenidge

David Greenidge, Customer Solution Manager

David is an experienced accessible technology specialist with a proven track record of delivering solutions that directly assist Canadians living with sight loss. He leads the building and project management of CNIB Frontier Accessibility's customized solutions.

avatar for Mary Ann Bent

Mary Ann Bent, Commercial Accessibility Deployment Specialist

Mary Ann is a pioneer in the world of navigation and wayfinding for people who are blind or partially sighted, with a practiced art for designing and installing workable solutions. She leads the CNIB Frontier Accessibility Navigation and Wayfinding effort, and its goal to make the built environment accessible for all.