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Workplace Accomodations

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The biggest barrier for people who are blind in the workplace is misconception. With simple accommodations and an open-minded organization, it’s not blindness that holds people back from working, it’s the stigma and assumptions about what people with vision loss can do.
-Jim Lee, Chief of Staff to the General President, International Association of Fire Fighters

A group of employees meet in a common area, one is in a wheelchair

With more than 100 years of experience helping Canadians with sight loss return to work, we’re experts in what it takes to make workplaces accessible to people with disabilities. Whether you’re hiring a new candidate or looking to support an employee’s transition back to work, CNIB Frontier Accessibility provides Workplace Accommodation Solutions to ensure everyone is supported on their employment journey.

What are workplace accomodations?

Put simply, workplace accommodations are adaptations that can be made to a work environment or work processes to ensure everyone can be included – and all employees can thrive in their roles.

Sometimes these accommodations can be as simple as asking all staff members to say their name before they begin speaking in a meeting – so that an employee with sight loss can follow along more easily. Like "This is Susan speaking. I think we should go forward with that idea." And sometimes it can be something technology-based, like ensuring the office environment is equipped with visual emergency notifications for employees who are deaf. It all depends on the needs of the individual.

How it works

Our team includes low vison specialists, adaptive technology specialists, adaptive technology trainers, orientation and mobility specialists, and sight accessibility design experts. Together, these individuals work to identify suitable accommodations, relevant compliance actions and provide ongoing support to the employee and the employer.

Once we’ve completed our customized assessment, we’ll provide a detailed accessibility strategy so that employees can seamlessly transition into their roles or return to work with the support that they need to succeed.

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