Smartway Solutions VIP 2007

Smartway Solutions

For Two Stage Heating, Single Stage Cooling and Heat Pump Systems  w/Auxiliary Heat

  • Not for Heat Pump Systems with Outdoor Thermostats
  • For 24V Single Transformer System Only


  • Operates on two stage gas, oil, or electric heating & single stage cooling systems and single stage heat pumps with secondary heat
  • Weekday / Weekend ("5/2") Programmable Operation
  • Four separate time and temperature settings for Weekday / Weekend
  • Stores both heat and cool temperature program settings
  • Audio instructions for setting up day/time and programmable operation
  • Audio "Help" message for assistance if heating or cooling problem occurs
  • Battery powered (4 "AA" alkaline)
  • Audio & display screen alert messages for Filter, System Service, UV Light Service (optional) and Low Batteries
  • F or C temperature operation (range 50˚ F / 10˚ C to 90˚ F / 32˚ C)
  • 7 terminals for 24V single transformer systems
  • O/B terminals for heat pump systems
  • W2 terminal for second stage heat or back up heat for heat pump systems
  • Emergency heat capability if heat pump is inoperable
  • Adjustable settings for second stage / back up heating
  • Freeze protection: automatic heat when temperature less than 40˚ F / 4˚ C

Optional Capabilities

  • Manual or Programmable Operation: Change operation from manual to programmable by pressing the ON/OFF button.  When "Program is Off" is heard it operates as a conventional thermostat and temperature setting adjusts by pressing the UP and DOWN keys.  When "Program is ON" is heard it operates as a programmable thermostat and temperature settings automatically adjust four times a day.
  • Silent or Audio Instructions: Voice instructions for setting Day & Time and Programmable Operation can be turned on or off
  • Off the Wall Programming: Front plate of thermostat can be detached for program set up away from the wall mounted base.

Note: The VIP line was specifically designed so blind and visually impaired users can independently set up and operate their Talking Thermostat.

All VIP models operate the same as their VT counterpart except they have the following additional features:

  • Enhanced audio playback of all display screen information
  • Audio playback of each temperature setting degree change when the UP or DOWN is pressed
  • Audio playback of day, time, temperature setting and indoor temperature when the REPORT button is pressed
  • For blind and visually impaired users, instructions are included on audio CD disk and in large print