What is Typio?

Typio is an accessible typing tutor which makes typing as easy to teach as it is to learn. Typio is equipped with guided instruction through the entire keyboard, customizable practice lessons, individual student record keeping and fun sound effects. A simple and customizable interface creates a distraction-free learning environment for students of all need levels.

Highly-visual and entirely audible, Typio provides complete accessibility without being complicated. Let Typio make teaching easy!

What does Typio offer?


  • Typio is great for keeping track of student progress and crafting IEP goals.
  • Words-per-minute, Accuracy and key combo shared after each lesson.
  • Detailed reports are automatically saved, ready for printing or sharing.
  • Check past lessons, view averages and keep record of free-typing sessions.

Designed by Teachers

  • Designed and developed by a blind rehabilitation instructor (MSEd., COMS, CVRT).
  • Tested by Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVI’s) and other Special Education teachers.
  • Fine-tuned to meet teacher recommendations and student needs.

Fun Sound Effects

  • Each student profile can choose their own sound scheme.
  • Add a little fun to typing with ninja, fantasy, space, musical or basic sounds.
  • Uniform sound cues help guide students through the program.

What are the typing modes?

Free Type Mode

Allows students to type freely, without prompting from Typio, yet still shares all the same useful stats of the other modes. Saved reports not only share detailed type statistics, the reports also contain the exact body of text the student typed!

Practice Mode

Review the included lessons to increase your score or type custom lessons. Custom lessons are easy to create. Simply type whatever you want or copy and paste text from other sources!

Progress Mode

 Guides students through 45 lessons, covering the entire keyboard, automatically saving progress, visual and audible settings, and progressing only when students meet the goals you set.

How about accessibility?

Visual Enhancements

  • Choose from a variety of font sizes, from small to large.
  • A vast array of color options for text and backgrounds.
  • Clean, simple and distraction-free user interface.

Audible Feedback

  • Customize speed and pitch of various voices.
  • Audible presentation prompting of typing prompt.
  • Audible feedback of key presses.
  • Designed to be used entirely without vision.

Accessibility Included

  • Typio is an all-inclusive accessible program. No outside accessibility software is required!
  • Great solution for users who have difficulty with more advanced adaptive software.
  • Can be used as a teaching tool for understanding basic computer concepts.

How does Typio operate?


  • Easily set each student’s speed and accuracy goals and Typio will do the rest, automatically advancing to the next lesson once the goals are met. Typio even picks up right where the student left off the next time they use the program!


  • Each student’s individual visual, audible and program settings are automatically loaded each time they start the program. Typio makes it easy to balance multiple students!


  • Program menus and interface are simple and uniform. All one needs to navigate the menus are up, down, enter and escape!

What are the system requirements?

The aim of Typio is to be accessible to as many students as possible. As such, Typio’s system requirements are quite low. It should work on any Windows computer.

Known requirements:

  • Windows operating system.
  • An internet connection for initial installation and registration.
  • Optional: Typio can use other SAPI TTS voices installed on your computer. Additional voices can be purchased from various vendors online. If you’re unsure about other voices, don’t worry. All modern builds of Windows include default voices which can be used.

Hundreds of students can’t be wrong. Let Typio teach the most important computer skill of all: Typing!

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