Evoluent Vertical Mouse


The VerticalMouse 4 is the latest generation of the well-known Evoluent mouse. The uniquely patented contoured design transforms the traditional palm down mousing position to a vertical handshake position offering increased comfort for many users. A number of improvements were included in this 4th iteration including a larger flange along the bottom of the mouse to prevent the user's fifth finger from dragging on the desk. The thumb rest has been improved to provide even more comfort and reduced grip force requirements over earlier versions.

Performance based improvements include an easier-to-access pointer speed control button on the side of the mouse allowing the user to select between Extra Low, Low, Medium and High, giving users the ability to select the degree of precision they require for each task. An additional thumb button can also be assigned once a driver is installed.

The standard VerticalMouse 4 is available in both right and left-handed models, and comes in a dark grey housing with silver buttons. A small version of this mouse is also available only in a right handed model, and is easily distinguished as it has a black housing with purple buttons. If you are unsure which size of Evoluent VerticalMouse to get, these general guidelines should be useful:

Users over five feet and seven inches in height (> 5'7" [170 cm]) should order the regular-sized mouse (VM4R). Users under five feet and four inches in height (< 5'4" [162 cm]) should order the small-sized mouse (VM4S). For users between these two heights, either size of mouse may be suitable depending on the user - please call our toll-free number at 1 (866) 335-3746 for further assistance.