Snapfon ezTwo3G Cell Phone


The perfect cell phone for seniors!

Works with Rogers, Fido and Telus plans as well as SpeakOut 7-Eleven prepaid SIM cards (ideal for light use).

With today's advances, seniors live more independent lives. A cell phone is an invaluable and necessary tool for extending independence and safeguarding yourself or your loved one. The Snapfōn® ezTWO combines the reliability of a standard cell phone with big buttons, a bright screen, large fonts, enhanced rings and sound, and a simple to navigate menu.

Combining these simple to use features with Snapfōn's unique SOS button, insures that help is only a button press away in an emergency.

The Snapfōn® is easy to see, easy to hear, and easy to use. Let us help to keep you or your loved one safe and healthy.

  • Big Buttons & Numbers
  • Easy to read full color screen
  • Enhanced volume & Speaker phone
  • Speaking keypad
  • Hearing Aid Compatible (M3/T3)
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Extra-long battery life
  • SOS button
  • 8 speed dial keys
  • Camera & Color photo album
  • LED flashlight
  • 4 Alarm Modes
  • English & Spanish Languages

Quad-Band GSM World Phone

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Download the Manual (PDF)

Dear Frontier,
I'm writing on May 4 to tell you that my SnapFon arrived, and yesterday my daughter transferred my data from my old Samsung, under my Telus account. Its quality exceeds my wildest hopes. I recently had a severe diminution in hearing and the amplification and clarity of this phone are superb. My eyesight is also compromised, so the size and simplicity of the keyboard and menu are a great help. Do you have a space on your site for customer responses? I found you prompt, courteous and helpful at every step of this long distance purchase.
Anna from BC