Remote Training: Getting started with Dragon NaturallySpeaking (2 hours)

Frontier Computing


Dragon NaturallySpeaking lets you speak naturally to perform actions such as creating or editing documents, using email, surfing the web and much much more. By reducing keyboard and mouse usage, you can gain productivity and avoid  physical strain.

This introduction includes how to:

  • Dictate just about anything: punctuation marks, prices, dates, abbreviations, email addresses etc.
  • Personalize the Vocabulary with custom words and phrases, pronunciation and more, so that Dragon can transcribe exactly what you want even if what you said could be written in different ways.
  • Correct Dragon's errors so that it can learn from them.
  • Formatting, editing, and revising text.
  • Say commands to use the internet and email, search your computer, open programs, click menus and buttons, close or minimize windows, switch between windows, etc.
  • Create custom commands to insert boilerplate text into your documents.
  • Mine Dragon's help system to find commands to suit your daily tasks.


Although it is not necessary to have Dragon NaturallySpeaking installed prior to taking this training, it is recommended that you install and familiarize yourself briefly with the software. 

Please note that we will not be covering the installation procedure as this is too time-consuming and a waste of valuable training time. If you have issues installing Dragon, please contact technical support.

Remote Meeting Software System Requirements

We use an online meeting tool called GoToMeeting. Visit GoToMeeting's System Requirements page.

If you have any questions regarding this training, please do not hesitate to contact us.