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Products and Technology

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I wouldn’t be able to live without things like my smartphone, my GPS navigator and my 'i.d. mate' labeller. With technology, I can pretty much go and do whatever I want. It’s freedom.
-Khrisstina Engel, individual with sight loss

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Educational services

Every child deserves the chance at a quality education, and students who have disabilities are no exception. Sometimes, however, they need a few extra tools along the way, and CNIB Frontier Accessibility is here to provide them.

At CNIB Frontier Accessibility, we have the largest inventory of assistive technology demonstration equipment in Canada, and can assist every student living with sight loss to achieve their education goals.

Our accessibility experts bring years of professional and lived experience and can help you explore a variety of product and tech solutions, including:

Electronic Magnification Solutions

Taking the principle of the traditional magnifying glass and combining it with innovative technology, the electronic magnifier uses magnification strength and screen viewing as its fundamental components. Providing powerful magnification up to 25X, a high-definition LCD screen and a host of tech features, electronic magnifiers can be life-changing tools for students with partial sight. We carry all major magnification solutions across all categories.

  • Portable Electronic Magnifiers: Humanware's Explore series, Eschenbach's Smartlux/Visolux/Mobilux series, Vispero's Compact/Ruby/Traveler series
  • Near and Distance Magnifiers: Humanware's Connect series, Vispero's Transformer series, LVI's Magnilink S series
  • Desktop Electronic Magnifiers: Humanware's Prodigi/Connect series, Vispero's Topaz/Clearview/Merlin series, LVI's Magnilink Vision series
  • Tablet-Based Electronic Magnifiers: Humanware's Prodigi Connect 12 series, LVI's Magnilink TAB series, TrySight's Mercury 12 series

Software Solutions

From screen reading to magnification, and math to music, accessible software is crucial in allowing students who are blind or partially sighted to learn alongside their sighted peers. At CNIB Frontier Accessibility, we can source all your educational software needs.

  • Screen Reading Software: Vispero's JAWS, Dolphin's SuperNova Screen Reader
  • Screen Magnification Software: Vispero's Zoomtext, Dolphin's SuperNova Magnifier
  • Voice Recognition Software: Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking Pro, Hartgen's J-Say
  • Math Software: MathTalk, Math Flash, Scientific Notebook
  • Music Software: Dancing Dots' GoodFeel, Lime, and Sharpeye
  • Gamification Learning Software: Objective Ed, Accessibyte Arcade
  • OCR Software: Vispero's Pearl and OpenBook, Cambium's Kurzweil 1000 and 3000
  • Braille Translation: Duxbury Systems

Braille Solutions

In a high-tech world, some people may wonder if braille is still relevant. We say yes. We’d never tell a sighted six-year-old they don’t need to learn to read because there’s TV and audio books. Why would it be any different for kids who are blind?

Braille literacy is as crucial as ever. From stimulating the brain, teaching grammar, and encouraging children to use their imagination, our braille solutions can ensure a child gains the independence that reading braille provides.

  • Braille Displays: Humanware's Brailliant and Mantis devices, Vispero's Focus Blue devices, HIMS' QBraille and Smart Beetle devices
  • Braille Notetakers: Humanware's BrailleNote Touch devices, Vispero's ElBraille devices, HIMS BrailleSense Polaris devices
  • Braillers: Humanware's Mountbatten Whisperer Writer devices, Perkins' Manual and Electronic Brailler devices, eBrailler's Cosmo
  • Braille Embossers: Humanware's Romeo, Juliet, Index Basic-D, and Index Everest-D

Other Educational Solutions

  • STEM and Coding: Humanware's Code Jumper
  • Tactile Hardware and Software: Thinkable's Tactileview Design Suite, Harpo's PIAF (Pictures in a Flash)
  • DAISY Players: Humanware's Victor products, Plextalk's Linio products, HIMS' Blaze products
  • Accessible Calculators: Sight Enhancement Solutions' SciPlus products, Orbit Research's Orion Ti products
  • Keyboards: Vispero's Zoomtext keyboards, Logickeyboards, Keys-U-See
  • Wearables: eSight 4, IrisVision, OrCam MyEye, Vispero Jordy
  • Early Childhood Solutions: APH's Braille Buzz, HIMS' Taptilo, YesAccessible's TypeAbility, Reizen's Talking Typing Teacher, LEGO Braille
  • Music Hardware Solutions: Dancing Dots' Lime Lighter series

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