Audio Reading System


Explore tactile graphics through sound and touch using the Audio Reading System!

Place the TactileView printout on the yellow clickpad insert, attach the digital drawing pen and begin exploring. The digital pen will read the audio labels providing a more detailed description of the graphic while also allowing you to receive tactile feedback simultaneously.

Adding audio labels to tactile graphics not only allows you to provide a longer explaination of the image but it also expands your audience beyond braille readers making it a fun and interactive way for all students to learn.

Great Tools for Subjects Like:


  • Charts & graphs
  • Measured drawings, using the included rulers, protractor and other drawing tools


  • Diagrams for anatomy, geology and other visual subjects
  • Audio tags make diagrams more interesting and informative

Art & Mobility

  • Tactile maps for mobility
  • Raised art & drawings
  • Audio/tactile graphics