The new Focus 14 Blue combines a highly responsive 8-dot keyboard and comfortable control layout with both USB and Bluetooth connectivity in a pocket-sized design.

The fusion of comfort, portability, and advanced features makes the new Focus 14 Blue the ultimate go-anywhere Braille interface device. Read text messages, navigate your Smartphone screen, and enter text - all without taking your phone off your belt or out of your bag. With Focus 14 Blue, you have an efficient, full-featured Braille keyboard for your Smartphone, plus the ability to read your Smartphones display silently.

Advanced navigation features allow quick movement around documents with natural, efficient hand movements for greater productivity. Read documents and E-mail, work with spreadsheets, and surf the Web - never moving your hands from the Braille display. Freedom Scientific's exclusive NAV Rockers let you rapidly scroll by line, sentence, or paragraph, or pan through a document. You can even select the firmness of the Braille display with VariBraille. 

Features at a Glance:

  • 14 refreshable Braille cells
  • 8-dot Braille keyboard with superb feel and response
  • Compact and durable – designed for portability
  • Convenient thumb key, panning buttons, and NAV Rockers
  • Smooth paper-like feel
  • Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Adjustable key repeat for rapid scrolling and panning
  • Charge battery via USB
  • Works with JAWS® BrailleIn™ for Contracted Braille input in Windows
  • Out-of-the box compatibility with Apple iOS devices
  • Braille Study Mode