A high speed sheet-fed production embosser

BrailleBox is a Braille printer for high volumes of braille production. Create hassle-free braille books instantly with this cut sheet fed embosser. 

  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Print from portable devices
  • Supports Index-direct-Braille (idB)
  • Emboss hassle-free braille books
  • Multi-lingual voice speech feedback 
  • Automated (open & close) Braille tray
  • Up to 30% faster embossing speed than V4  
  • Web interface for embosser setup & support 
  • Complete embosser control via the control panel
  • USB host port (emboss directly from USB memory)  

Print hassle-free braille books

Traditionally to bind braille books, spiral or wire binding methods have been used. To create a completed braille book using this method, one must first separate the printed braille document, then perforate and align each page for the chosen binding method. This process is outdated and takes considerable time and money efforts.
Braille Booklet

With BrailleBox V5 using 11x17 inch paper and booklet format, it is naturally much easier and less time consuming as much of the manual labor is removed. BrailleBox V5 is able to emboss at speeds up to 30% faster than V4. After the pages are printed, the ready documents will pile in page order with a dotted braille line down the middle of the page, you can then fold along this braille line to have a completed braille book. After having folded the A3 size paper, each printed page will then be in A4 size. Just staple, using the Index Braille stapler, along the middle line if desired and just like that you have a braille book!

Technical Specifications


  • Embossing speed in characters per second: 300 cps
  • Single-sided or Double-sided
  • Vertical printing (booklet)
  • Adjustable line spacing
  • Braille font: 2.5 mm
  • Tactile resolution: 50 dpi
  • Forming method: Three embossing heads with 13 hammers in each


  • Cut sheet fed
  • Sheet feeder size: 400 pages
  • Paper weight
  • 120-180 g/m2 (80-110 lbs)
  • Paper width: A3 (297x410 mm), Tabloid 11"x17"
  • Paper length: 11"x11x5", B4 250x353 mm
  • Fixed paper size


  • Height: 56 cm (22.05 in)
  • Width: 72 cm (28.35 in)
  • Depth: 90 cm (35.43 in)
  • Net volume: 362.88 dm3 (12.81 ft cubed)
  • Net weight: 65.2 kg (143.44 lbs)
  • Noise level: 60 dB(A)


  • USB
  • USB memory stick
  • Wi-Fi network
  • Wired network
  • Bluetooth
  • Supports mobile devices
  • Printer driver for Windows
  • Printer driver for Mac
  • Printer driver for Linux
  • Internal web
  • Free firmware upgrade
  • Supports idB


  • Voltage 100-240 V AC
  • Power max 400 W
  • Power stand by 5 W
  • Eco power down 1.0 W
  • Switched power supply

Warranty: 2 years

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