What is J-Say?

J-Say is the world leader in providing a blind person with the ability to control the computer with the human voice.

J-Say brings together Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional from Nuance, and JAWS For Windows from Freedom Scientific. However although the product integrates these applications, it also presents the User with an easy to understand interface enabling interaction with the computer using natural language and easy to remember and understand vocabulary.

That's Good Terminology, But What Does it Actually Mean?

It's quite simple. You can talk to the computer and it talks back to you. You can control most aspects of the computer just by using your voice, so J-Say is ideal for anyone who cannot (or does not want to use) the keyboard. 

Who can use it?

As the product has evolved the range of people who are benefiting from the technology has increased. From people who simply want to be more productive and use their voice as an additional means of computer input and control, to individuals who have complex combinations of needs, and who find it difficult
if not impossible to make use of computer technology using traditionally accepted methods of input access and control.

Even more remarkably many people interacting with this technology do not have a visual impairment simply finding it difficult or uncomfortable to use the computer screen and so find the J-Say approach more suited to their needs.

Can I Not Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking and JAWS for Windows Without J-Say?

Please do try it. We would really like you to! Remember, do not touch the computer keyboard. Within a minute or two, you will soon discover it is an extremely frustrating experience.

In addition to our amazing J-Say features listed below, the product gives you:

  • Complete echo back of your dictation. This is essential so that, as a screen-reader user, you understand that the text you have dictated is accurately reproduced.
  • Complete voice access to all of the JAWS screen-reading functions.
  • Many features which have been specially designed for blind people who use voice recognition technology. With 12 years of experience working with individuals who cannot use the keyboard, we truly understand the features people need to ensure they are productive and not frustrated when using the computer in this way. Many of our productivity features go way beyond those which Dragon NaturallySpeaking offers to the sighted user.
  • Online help which fully explains how a blind person can independently install and use the software without sighted assistance. Our extremely comprehensive tutorial is designed with blind people in mind, and spoken context sensitive guidance is given in many areas of the program.

What applications does J-Say work with?

J-Say provides access to applications which reflect the most common things which people need to do with computers on a day-to-day basis.

Microsoft Word

Complete access to this application is made possible enabling people, without having to touch the keyboard or look at the screen, to create documents, control text layout and open/save files, amongst other things.

If you need to word process, doing it the J-Say way takes away the need to use either one's hands or one's eyes, do it all controlling the application with your voice and accessing the computer screen with your ears.

Microsoft Outlook

If you need to work with e-mail, J-Say provides you with a set of tools to enable you to take complete control of anything e-mail related. From creating messages to Email navigation, moving and copying messages to folders, to creating special voice commands to send messages to people quickly and easily. Our
user interface to Microsoft Outlook provides the user with fast, efficient and effective access and control to all aspects of the application.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

J-Say technology provides intuitive access to all aspects of internet navigation and control. From the finding, launching and browsing of WebPages, to the completion of web forms such as searches and shopping carts, J-Say provides the user with natural language internet access like never before.

What Else Can I Expect from J-Say?

  • Dictate text in a natural way and have it instantly echoed back to you.
  • Rapidly move through list items, words, lines, sentences and paragraphs and have the selected unit spoken back. No need to wait until JAWS has finished reciting the text, just speak the next command.
  • Use natural language commands to gain access to the many features of JAWS for Windows. For example, say the words "Be Quiet" to instantly silence the speech synthesiser, or "talk faster" and "talk slower" to change the rate of the speech.
  • Create J-Say Text Notes which can reproduce lengthy text passages (such as twenty paragraphs) with a single voice command.
  • Easily work with files using Microsoft Windows Explorer and J-Say Tags. Files and folders can be marked for cutting, copying or deleting.
  • Use the J-Say Clock to set countup and countdown timers and alarms, or hear Westminster Chimes throughout the day.
  • Keep track of appointments with J-Say Diary.
  • Move directly to specific sections of web pages with J-Say Alerts.
  • Listen to the radio, audio files or CD's and control playback from within any program.
  • Dictate text into a portable recorder and have the audio transcribed as text with J-Say Audio Transcription support.
  • Take control of your Braille display. It is no longer necessary to remember the key combinations to control the Braille output. These commands will also prove to be a tremendous advantage to people who can read Braille, but who do not have the dexterity necessary to press buttons or keys on the unit.
  • Execute many commonly used procedures within the WINDOWS operating system with voice commands. Good examples would be to move directly to the WINDOWS
    Desktop or to maximise the application and document windows, so that the program fills the entire screen.
  • Teach the software how you pronounce words and phrases with our interface which allows you to easily add them to the vocabulary. Our special utility can also be used by sighted assistants if necessary. Alternatively, use the superb access to the NaturallySpeaking Professional correction system.
  • The J-Say Configuration Wizard lets you take control of all the product's special functions without the need to remember a number of voice commands.
  • Move through tables easily either within Internet Explorer or Microsoft Word. Again, the navigation language is simple to learn with no complications.
  • Use our slick Back-Up and restore utilities to make a permanent copy of your speech files and restore them at a later date if necessary.

Further Information about J-Say

Assuming a level of Installation and Configuration is purchased, J-Say can be easily configured to allow a physically disabled and visually impaired person to independently carry out tasks such as dialling telephone numbers, through to using software-based DVD and DAISY talking book players. J-Say can also be customised to perform optimally with non-standard applications used in the workplace.

Computer Specifications and Software Requirements - What You Need to Know!

Please read this section carefully!

It is important that the computer on which J-Say and associated products are to be installed conforms to the following minimum specification, and that the software requirements are met.

  • Pentium 4 or Core 2 Duo Processor (or laptop computer equivalent). Faster is always better!
  • 4GB of RAM.
  • 16-Bit 'on board' soundcard (Full duplex) or preferably a compatible USB Digital Sound Converter.
  • All releases of Microsoft Windows Vista (Dragon V12 only), Windows7 and Windows 8.
  • Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 AND 2013. Microsoft Office 2013 is recommended!
  • JAWS for Windows version 14, 15 or 16. At the time of writing, we do not recommend JAWS version 16 for using J-Say and Windows 8. JAWS version 15 with Windows8 can be used with excellent results. Using JAWS version 16 and Windows 7 delivers a high standard.
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional version 12, 12.5 or 13.0. Version 13.0 is recommended! Within the United Kingdom, please Contact Us! by Email or telephone for pricing details!
  • A high quality headset/microphone. 

About the J-Say User Guide

The J-Say User Guide comprises three Books. The first Book consists of the "Installation Guide", which gives you step by step detail on how to install your J-Say product. It goes onto describe the voice training enrolment process and how to configure the Windows operating system, associated applications and the J-Say software to perform optimally. Finally, the "Installation Guide" discusses the hardware and software which should be used to ensure you can get the most from the J-Say interface, all using non-technical language where possible and delivered from the perspective of visually impaired people wishing to install the product.

The second volume consists of a J-Say tutorial or "Learning Module". The tutorial teaches you how to use J-Say with its many features, how you can work with non-supported applications and how you can educate the software to learn how you pronounce words and phrases. Again, the language used is not technical, delivered using step-by-step instructions.

The third book is the Command Summary which lists every voice command which can be spoken.

Please Read a Sample of the User Guide!

Subscribing to the J-Say Mailing List

An E-Mail list has been established to discuss all aspects of the J-Say product line. In particular, it can be used as a vehicle for product suggestions or for gaining assistance from other J-Say users. Feel free to Subscribe to the mailing list!

What's New in J-Say 13!

We have now released J-Say version 13! Features include:

  • Faster echoing of Dictation. As soon as you pause, you are hearing the text you've dictated, quicker and more reliable than before!
  • Easier Voice Commands. While all the existing commands remain, J-Say 13 is more intelligent and introduces easier vocabulary.
  • J-Say Calendar. A simple calendar which just works!
  • Listen to the Radio. A fully featured and customisable radio player so you can hear your favourite stations.
  • Multiple JAWS Versions. J-Say 13 can be installed into multiple versions of JAWS, making the program much more flexible.
  • New Look and Feel. J-Say 13 has a new installer!
  • Much More. J-Say 13 is the most feature-packed version there has ever been! Read the Full What's New Page or Download the J-Say 13 Podcast!

Optional SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement)

A J-Say Software Maintenance Agreement entitles you to receive the next two paid-for upgrades at a discount price.

What the People Say About J-Say 13!

I absolutely love the speed at which I can get through messages in outlook 2013. It is almost as fast as the keyboard.  Moreover, I am thrilled about the fact that I can now update JAWS without waiting for J-Say to catch up.

This release is phenomenal! The new improvements you have made along with the improved accuracy of the latest release of Dragon makes this version the most usable and productive ever.

Regarding J-Say Diary, I think there is a beauty in the simplicity we have here and a recognition that not everybody is going to use Microsoft office and the complications surrounding the Microsoft Outlook calendar. Although I tend to view J-Say as a tool to make me more productive at work, I can see that it is also a way to give access to computers for people who would otherwise find them daunting.