Don't struggle to see the notes anymore. The Lime Lighter from Dancing Dots lets people with low vision read print music with ease, clarity and comfort. If any of the following applies to you, then The Lime Lighter is the product for you!

I used to love to play the piano, but I don't play anymore since I cannot clearly see the music on the music rack.
I want to play in our school band, but I have to enlarge the sheet music so much that it falls off the music stand.
I enjoy singing in our church choir and community chorus, but I struggle to see the music.

With the Lime Lighter, read your music clearly and feel once again the joy of making music.


How does it Work?

Each time you press the control on the right side of the pedal included, the music on the screen advances to the next measure. In effect, the page of music slides from right to left so that the start of each measure appears roughly at the same position on the screen vastly reducing the need to shift your gaze to find your place. A focus rectangle highlights the start of each measure as well. To move back one measure, you press the left side of the pedal. To move to the top of the piece or to the beginning of the currently repeated section, you press on the center of the pedal.



  • Displays magnified print music notation.
  • Magnify music from 1.25 up to 10 times.
  • Markup your music on the screen with special stylus and save for later.
  • Listen to music play back at your desired tempo.
  • Optionally use third-party magnification software to read text in The Lime Lighter's program menus and dialogs.
  • Optionally use third-party magnification software to modify the foreground and background colors of the music.
  • Composers and arrangers can use The Lime Lighter to enter, revise and print out their musical ideas.