Lime Music Notation Editor

Dancing Dots

Lime is music editor software developed at the University of Illinois. It is being used in many college-level music curriculums in the U.S. and abroad. Users of Lime can build a score by manipulating graphical musical symbols such as note heads and clef signs. The score appears on the screen in conventional notation. The work can be saved as a file which can be passed to GOODFEEL. GOODFEEL reads the file and determines the braille music equivalents. Presently, Lime cannot be used independently by a blind person. However, sighted teachers, colleagues and assistants could certainly use Lime to prepare scores to be brailled by GOODFEEL.

You can create Lime files for our GOODFEEL Braille Music Translator to transcribe to the equivalent braille notation. Each copy of GOODFEEL and GOODFEEL Lite ships with a licensed copy of Lime. Lime runs under Windows
and is not fully accessible to the blind user. However, with Lime coupled with GOODFEEL, any sighted person can prepare a Braille score without needing to know anything about Braille music!