MagniLink Zip HD 13


Portable and convenient

MagniLink Zip HD 13 is the most portable model with a low-vision adapted 13.3” monitor and an HD reading/distance camera. To save weight, it comes without an X/Y table. This makes it easy to fold and unfold the system and to carry it between different locations. A battery with a 5-9 hour operation time is included for convenient use. Operation time depends on the light intensity chosen for the screen and lamp.

MagniLink Zip HD 13 is an ideal choice for users who often need to transport their system. It is also suitable for users that want a sleek system at home that can be folded and put away easily when it’s not in use. 

Model Camera X/Y table Battery

ML Zip HD 13 

Optional model 1  MLZIP-13-01 HD No No
Optional model 2 MLZIP-13-02 HD Yes Yes
Optional model 3  MLZIP-13-03 HD Yes No