Dolphin Publisher


Create human narrated DAISY talking books

Dolphin Publisher is the premier tool for creating professional DAISY digital talking books with human-narrated or synthetic voices.

Dolphin Publisher is the premier tool for creating professional DAISY digital talking books with human narrated or synthetic voices.

Dolphin Publisher is designed for altFormat and DAISY specialists looking to create professional DAISY talking books. Dolphin Publisher is the ideal solution for publishers of DAISY talking books, professional transcription services, DAISY talking book librairies and specialist DAISY talking book producers in education.

Dolphin Publisher Features

Document Inputs
  • Import MS Word (.doc and .docx) and TXT documents
  • Import HTML and XHTML files
  • Import NIMAS, unprotected EPUB and DTBook XML
  • Drag and Drop text from any other application including Web pages
  • Import images and graphics
  • Import existing DAISY books for editing
  • Automatic mark up of words, sentences or paragraphs for navigation.
  • Automatic mark up of all document headings from HTML tags
Audio Importing and Recording
  • Import mp3 or .wav (pcm) files into Dolphin Publisher
  • Record audio directly into Dolphin Publisher using a microphone and a line-in to the PC sound card
  • Apply automatic phrase detection to create navigable "audio events"
  • Convert MP3 files into .wav during the import process to allow full editing
  • Record audio from 8000Hz mono to 48000Hz stereo formats
  • Resample audio during the import process
  • Audio processing functions allow audio to be altered if needed (Resample, fade in, fade out, normalise, amplify, filter and insert silence)
Text To Speech features
  • Automatically generate synthetic audio from any compatible SAPI 4 or SAPI 5 synthetic voices from the on-screen text
  • Audio is automatically synchronised with the on-screen text
  • Generate audio for entire productions or just individual sections
  • Fill in the gaps where no pre-recorded audio is available using a synthetic voice
  • Adjust speed and volume of the generated synthetic speech
Editing Facilities
  • Use Dolphin Publisher's built in or your preferred HTML editor
  • Alter font styles and sizes
  • Apply style sheet to final production
  • Mark body text as skippable elements (Page numbers, footnotes, producer notes and side bars) that can be played or ignored by supporting playback devices.
  • Add "pop-up" images that are displayed in synchronisation with the corresponding audio.
DAISY Book Production Facilities
  • Produce DAISY 2.02 or DAISY 3
  • Produce all 6 types of DAISY digital talking book; including text only, audio only, or full text and audio
  • Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) function allows protection from unauthorised copying, viewing or editing of the text and images in your production
  • Validation function checks for possible errors prior to outputting
  • Cleanup function removes redundant audio files and merges remaining files into logical segments
  • Logically rename audio files to allow playback in standard MP3 players by adding ID3 tags to MP3 files used in your DAISY books.
  • Convert full text and audio DAISY books into NCC/TOC only DAISY books
  • Add EasyReader Express to your DAISY talking books. Not an EasyReader Express customer? find out more about EasyReader Express
  • Free lifetime technical support
  • Full online help facility
  • Full online user guide
  • Full training programme available

MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thompson