SharpEye Music Scanning Software

Dancing Dots

Music Scanning Software

SharpEye scans printed music and converts it to various music file formats (MIDI, NIFF and MusicXML). The software also has a playback feature so that you can listen to the piece through your PC's soundcard.


SharpEye System requirements

You need a computer with W95, W98, ME, NT4, W2000 or XP. SharpEye does use a fair bit of memory and processor time. I think a Pentium II with 32 MB RAM is a reasonable minimum. Memory is much more critical than processor speed. If you want to process large images such as orchestral scores or run other programs alongside SharpEye you'll probably need more than 32 Mb RAM, or the system can become totally bogged down.

You will need a scanner to scan the printed music in.