Audio Notetaker by Sonocent


Use audio, text, colour, and images all together.

Whether you're recording meetings, lectures, interviews, dictations or even VOIP/Skype phone calls and webinars, Audio Notetaker makes it easy to get the most value out of your audio. Take screengrabs, import presentations slides or PDF documents and annotate your recording with text and colour to create the most comprehensive notes ever.

Use it for:

  • Note taking
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Recording
  • Webinars
  • Transcription
  • Audio analysis
  • Assessment
  • Conference Calls

The software visualises spoken phrases as bars

Sonocent’s software solves the 4 problems of working with audio

1. Finding the important parts of a recording

Navigating through audio hasn't improved much since the days of magnetic tapes. Stop, rewind, play, fast-forward – there’s no meaningful way of moving through your audio.

Instead of the single stream of information you get with standard audio, Audio Notetaker splits your recording up into individual phrases and displays them on screen as a bar.

It’sthedifferencebetweenthis or writing like this. Sort of.

2. Annotating your audio for future reference or to share thoughts

So, your recording is full of really useful information – great! How do you now share that information, or label it so you can find it again later?

Sonocent’s software allows you to break your recording into sections (which are like paragraphs) and write text next to each bit to label that part of the recording.

Then add images, presentation slides or PDF documents.

You can also use colour to label individual phrases, or entire sections.

3. Concentrating on listening

Some of us get accused of not listening to people talking directly at us. How are we supposed to concentrate on listening to a long recording!?

Sonocent’s software is visual and engaging, turning a passive process into an interactive one.

You control your audio: delete unnecessary parts, move things around, organise, mark. It’s fun!

4. Organising your audio files

Audio files often have funny names. And even when they don’t, how do you know what’s inside?

Sonocent’s software helps you organise your recording, by tagging it with extra details such as title, topic and speaker.

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Volume licensing available. Contact us for more details.