TactileView Graphic Design Software


Creating tactile graphics has never been more fun or easy with the TactileView design software.

Import complex graphics & simplify in seconds

Import complex graphics, convert them to simple line drawings and have a usable tactile image instantly. And you can continue to customize the image using the numerous drawing tools available within the software.

Create tactile street maps with ease

Type in your map coordinates, select your level of detail and you have an accessible map at your fingertips.

Draw your own custom graphics directly in the software

Use a digital pen to draw your own custom graphics directly in the software and save it electronically for sharing or later use.

Make audio/tactile graphics

Use the digital pen with the Tactipad Drawing Tablet to add audio tags to images so they speak/sound when selected.

The TactileView design software provides an easy way to create usable tactile graphics with ease. And with so many drawing tools available it's easy to create or edit any kind of graphic. Better yet, once the images are created you can store them electronically or print them using an Index V4 Embosser or Swell-Form Machine for quality tactile printouts.

Download a free 14-day trial of the software today!

*Software compatible with XP and higher

Note: Allow 2-3 weeks for physical shipment. Only 1-2 days to receive a download link and activation codes.

Great Tools for Subjects Like:


  • Charts & graphs
  • Measured drawings, using the included rulers, protractor and other drawing tools


  • Diagrams for anatomy, geology and other visual subjects
  • Audio tags make diagrams more interesting and informative

Art & Mobility

  • Tactile maps for mobility
  • Raised art & drawings
  • Audio/tactile graphics