TactiPad Drawing Tablet


Draw your own raised graphics instantly with the Tactipad Drawing Tablet!

Place the drawing paper on the tablet and use a pen or pencil to create your own tactile images. As you begin to draw a raised line will appear so you can see the results instantly! You can even draw with a digital pen and your drawings will be stored on your computer for later use and editing.

 *Also, use it with the TactileView, tactile graphic design software, to create usable tactile graphics with ease.

 Great Tools for Subjects Like:

  • Charts & graphs
  • Measured drawings, using the included rulers, protractor and other drawing tools


  • Diagrams for anatomy, geology and other visual subjects
  • Audio tags make diagrams more interesting and informative

Art & Mobility

  • Tactile maps for mobility
  • Raised art & drawings
  • Audio/tactile graphics