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Canada’s Accessibility Experts


It starts with accessibility. And it doesn't end until everyone is included.

What we offer

The accessibility solutions we provide include:

Products and Technology

Whether it’s something as small as a magnifying glass or as sophisticated as a portable video magnifier with optical character recognition, we'll work with you and your business to develop a custom solution that fits for you and your budget. Learn more about Products and Technology here.

Workplace Accomodations

One in five Canadians identify as having a disability. Frontier's pan-disability approach ensures that your workplace can accommodate the needs of all employees – meaning you can hire and work with the best candidates. We'll help set your employees up for success by integrating accessible practices, tools and resources into your workplace. Learn more about Workplace Accomodations here.

Digital and Website

We live in a fast-paced and evolving digital world. Frontier Accessibility will work with you to conduct audits and identify actions that ensure all your digital platforms are inclusive and meet global standards, including WCAG and VPAT. Learn more about Digital and Website here.

Navigation and Wayfinding

Navigating a new environment is stressful for anyone. Let’s not make it harder than it needs to be for people with disabilities. By integrating an inclusive strategy combined with various technological solutions, including low frequency Bluetooth beacons, smart phone apps and tactile signage, everyone can safely and easily navigate your business and the environment around it. Learn more about Navigation and Wayfinding here.

Support and Training

At the forefront of our services is our support and training. We provide comprehensive accessibility training; from onboarding to in depth product training, we’ve got your back. Learn more about Support and Training here.

Communication Materials

Sometimes a project may require creating accessible materials or resources that you might not be familiar with – things like braille, descriptive audio, American Sign Language (ASL) translation, or accessible PDF’s. We provide access, training, and support to ensure that you and your organization can create content that everyone can engage with. Learn more about Communication Materials here.