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Digital and Website

banner with a globe on a computer screen and the words Ensuring equitable access to digital materials
Access to the Internet has become essential in our daily lives. To restrict people with disabilities from it is to restrict their access to everything. The importance of website accessibility and universal access cannot be understated
-Jason Fayre, National Lead, Accessibility and Assistive Technology, CNIB Foundation

Technology has brought about incredible advancements for accessibility, making it far easier for people with disabilities to access information than ever before. But as technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, it has become increasingly difficult to ensure that all digital assets can be accessed by everyone.

By conducting accessibility audits, we’re able to provide a customized digital remediation strategy that will ensure your web presence has the widest possible reach. Six million Canadians identify as having a disability. Just imagine what a difference you could make for both your organization and the people you serve if your digital materials could be accessed by every last one of them.

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