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Navigation and Wayfinding

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It can take a lot of work and effort to get around when you’re blind. Assistive technologies and GPS make it so much easier, and make me feel a lot safer.
-Amanda Clift, individual with sight loss

Frontier Accessibility offers access to the latest and most innovative accessible technologies and products available on the market. Our team of experts will devise a custom solution to support you and your organization’s specific needs.

Our accessibility experts bring years of professional and lived experience and can help you explore a variety of product and tech solutions, including:

Braille Solutions

  • Note takers
  • Printers
  • Refreshable braille displays
  • Tactile and raised line products
  • Multi-line braille readers
  • Early learning tools

Magnification Solutions

  • Desktop electronic magnifiers (CCTVs)
  • Traditional
  • Foldable
  • Moveable camera
  • Standalone camera magnifiers
  • Portable and handheld magnifiers
  • Wearable magnifiers
  • Non-digital magnifiers

Text-to-speech devices

  • Scanners
  • Document cameras

Sight replacement and enhancement

  • Sight enhancement (E-Sight, Iris Vision)
  • Sight replacement (Orcam)

Accessibility software and services

  • Magnification and reading (Zoomtext)
  • Screen readers (JAWS)
  • Braille transcription (Duxbury)
  • Real time speech-to-text translation (CART)
  • Text-to-speech (Kurzweil)
  • Tactile graphic (PIAF)
  • Book reading (Dolphin)

By integrating accessibility products and technologies into workplaces and daily living, together we’re taking an important step forward to an inclusive world, and supporting the more than six million Canadians who identify as having a disability.

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