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Support and Training

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I wouldn’t be able to live without things like my smartphone, my GPS navigator and my 'i.d. mate' labeller. With technology, I can pretty much go and do whatever I want. It’s freedom.
-Khrisstina Engel, individual with sight loss

Whether you’re working directly with members of the public or looking to integrate accessible practices into your workplace, having access to Frontier Accessibility’s expertise, support and training is invaluable. We provide all-inclusive access to support and training to achieve the highest accessibility standards, including:

  • Accessible software and technology training
  • Sensitivity and customer service training
  • Market research and usability test groups
  • In-house accessibility consultants

Our services ensure that all employees will be prepared to interact, work with, and support the people you serve by providing onsite training from our team who have years of both professional and lived experience. Our in-house accessibility consultants provide opportunities to ensure accessibility is a priority during anything from the day-to-day events in the office to company-wide board meetings.

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