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Workplace Accomodations

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The biggest barrier for people who are blind in the workplace is misconception. With simple accommodations and an open-minded organization, it’s not blindness that holds people back from working, it’s the stigma and assumptions about what people with vision loss can do.
-Jim Lee, Chief of Staff to the General President, International Association of Fire Fighters

With more than 100 years of experience helping Canadians with sight loss return to work, we’re experts in what it takes to make workplaces accessible to people with disabilities. Whether you’re hiring a new candidate or looking to support an employee’s transition back to work, Frontier Accessibility provides Workplace Accommodation Solutions to ensure everyone is supported on their employment journey.

Initial assessment

We start by conducting a detailed assessment of the workplace, which includes everything from lighting or signage to accessible devices or software.

Custom accessibility strategy

Once we’ve completed our customized assessment, with support from Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada experts and the latest accessible technology, we’ll provide a detailed accessibility strategy so that employees can seamlessly transition into their roles or return to work with the support that they need to succeed.

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